11-year-old girl beaten to death by own mother in Central Region.

File photo of a woman attempting to hit a little girl
File photo of a woman attempting to hit a little girl

Information reaching one of your trusted news source in Ghana, GhanaVaguard.com has it that a woman who has been named only Blessing has beaten recklessly her 11 years old daughter, leading her death in the Central Region town of Gomoa Fetteh.

According to multiple accounts from neighbors of the woman who is currently on the run, the woman is fond of inflicting severe lashes on the little girl and often accuses her of stealing some of the fruits she sells and money.

The neighbors recalled that on Thursday, January 28, the woman again launched an assault on her child, beating her with a firewood till she helplessly collapsed. Water had to be poured on her before she became stable, they added.

Later in the evening, the neighbors said the little girl complained of severe body pain and as a result was taken to hospital by her mother, the suspect.

She was declared dead hours after arrival at the hospital.

Her mother after hearing the news of her daughter’s death immediately left the hospital, came home, packed few belongings and absconded.

The Gomoa East district police have since mount a search for her as her daughter’s body is deposited at Winneba Specialist and Trauma Hospital for autopsy.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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