193 republicans voted against insulin price cap

193 republicans:- On Thursday, March 31, 2022, the United States House of Representatives successfully passed a bill that will see the price of insulin capped at $35 per month.

The bill, which is named Affordable Insulin Now Act, was voted for by all the democrat representatives.

However, the bill, which many Americans describe as a ‘life saving’ bill, was voted against by some 193 Republicans. Only 12 GOP representatives voted in favor of the bill.

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The 193 Republicans, however, are being called out and condemned by a section of Americans.

They are described by some as people who absolutely do not care about American lives, as the insulin is a vital drug in treating type-1 diabetes.

Here are three possible reasons why the 193 republicans voted against the landmark bill.

1). Some Americans belief that the republicans who voted against the bill do not simply care about the lives of Americans.

According to JDRF, there are currently 1.6 million Americans living with the type-1 diabetes. This figure includes some 200,000 youth who are less than 20 years, and the remaining 1.4 million are adults, aged more than 20. It is also good to know that about 64,000 people are diagnosed with the condition each year in the United States.

As the price of a vile of the drug currently ranges from $334 to $1,000 a month, many families find it so difficult to afford it. This can results into the death of a patient.

Therefore, capping the insulin price at $35 will help millions of Americans with the condition to continue to afford the drug to save their lives.

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2). Also, a section of Americans are of the view that those republican representatives against the price cap do not want the Democrats to have a major victory in the health sector, as they prepare for mid-term elections in November.

A win for the democrats can heavily influence the mid-term polls and this is something some Americans say; the Republicans do not want.

3). Maybe, they are in the pockets of the big pharmaceutical companies. It is the view of some others that the 193 republicans could have been contacted and ‘settled’ by the big players in the United States pharmaceuticals industry.

The new price cap for insulin could see a significant reduction in the amount of money the pharmaceutical companies make from the sales of insulin.

Meanwhile, the bill has been sent to the U.S senate for further actions.

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