One of the separatist groups in Ghana which are agitating for the separation of Volta and Oti Regions and some parts of Northern, North East and Upper East regions to form a new state dubbed “British Togoland” has pointed accusing fingers at the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the opposition Nation Democratic Congress (NDC) for being behind a grand scheme aimed at destabilizing the territory, can authoritatively report.

This follows the allegations made by Kevin Ekow Taylor on his “With All Due Respect” show that the government of President Akufo Addo will in November send party thugs, who are recruited into the Nation Security to some parts Volta Region where they will cause lot of mayhem including burning of houses.

According to Kevin Ekow Taylor, the government will then accuse the separatist groups in the region for the lawlessness. This Kevin says will be the base for government to deploy soldiers to some parts of the region so that their agenda for election 2020 in the region will be carried out.

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In response to these allegations, the United Freedom Fighters (UFF), a separatist group in the region pointed at both NPP and NDC of being behind the plot which they describe as a reckless move.

The leader of the UFF, Raphael Tettevi Snr in a conversation with in the Volta Region made it clear that they [Voltarians] will not sit down for such things to happen on their territory. He added that they will defend the territory and themselves till the last drop of their blood should the government make any reckless move.

Mr. Raphael further called on the United Nations to as a matter of urgency call President Akufo Addo to order if truly the organization wants peace in the West African sun region.

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However, on June 11, 2020, the Africa Center for Peace Building released a press statement which was signed by its Director of Security and Research, David Jawara Banye calling on the security agencies in Ghana to investigate the allegations made by the United States based Ghanaian journalist, Kevin Ekow Taylor. The center also warned in the press release that agent provocateurs and war entrepreneurs could take advantage of the allegations.

As at the time of filing this report, the Ghanaian government as well as the security agencies in the country are yet to issue any statement on Kevin’s allegations and also on the call from ACPB for investigations to be instituted into the allegations.


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  1. We the British Togolese want to remind Nana Addo and the so-call Ghanaian’s to know that what their evil freedom fighter Kwame Nkrumah did to our Kings and our citizens some decades ago we haven’t forgot yet
    So if they try it this time around we are going turn Ghana upside down



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