Associate Professor of Political Science in the Politic Science Department of University of Ghana, Prof. Ransford Gyampo, has berated President Akufo Addo for continuously neglecting Kwabena Agyapong, the ’embattled’ former General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to Prof. Gyampo, the president’s attitude towards Kwabena Agyapong, whom he invited to help in his re-election bid, is ‘unfortunate’.

He believes that Akufo Addo’s continuos sidelining of Agyapong, will make him [Akufo Addo] look “overly vindictive” in the eyes of the public.

In a post sighted on Prof. Gyampo’s Facebook timeline, he wrote: “Mr President, you actually invited Mr. Kwabena Agyapong to help your re-election only to abandon him after your victory? This doesn’t speak well of you sir. It makes you appear overly vindictive.”

The renowned academic and social commentator further admonished the president to turn a blind eye and deaf ears to whatever is dividing the NPP.

“Given the closeness of the last election, you must be intolerant of whatever divides your party,” he wrote.

Gymapo continued his advice to the president by adding; “You must not listen to the hawks and hardliners around you. They do not seek your good. They only hero-worship you for the sake of their own stomach.”


The fallout between Kwabena Agyapong and President Akufo Addo started at the time the NPP was in opposition in 2015.

It all started when Kwabena Agyapong, the then General Secretary of the party, was suspended together with former Deputy General Secretary of the NPP Samuel Crabbe in 2015.

They were suspended for openly rebelling against the party’s decision to suspend then National Chairman Paul Afoko.

However, Kwabena Agyapong’s suspension was lifted in May 2021. Prior to that, he was actively involved in the 2020 re-election bid of President Akufo-Addo, despite the fact that he was still under suspension.


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