Sean Penn
Sean Penn

Sean Penn has threatened to melt down his Oscars plague if the event planners fail to invite Ukrainian President, Zelenskyy, to speak at the event.

The actor, who is currently in Ukraine, filming a documentary on the Russian invasion, made his intention known to CNN’s Jim Acosta on Thursday.

Penn also calls for nominees to boycott the award event which is to take place today, March 27, if demands for Zelenskyy to speak at the event are not listened to.

“If it turns out to be what is happening, I would encourage everyone involved, though it may be their moment, and I understand that, to celebrate their films, it is so much more importantly their moment to shine, and to protest and to boycott that Academy Awards. I myself, if it comes back to it, when I return, I will smelt mine in public,” he told Jim Acosta on CNN.

Sean Penn’s posture, however, warns the heart of many. Many people see his demand as something in a positive direction.

A twitter user, Cypher Cifaretto, reacted to Penn’s demand; saying “Sean Penn is changing the world so hard right now.”

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