Akuapem Poloo has uncovered that she was once humiliated by Prince David Osei.

Akuapem Poloo said Prince David Osei called her a ‘stupid’ girl because she presented an award at the Golden Movie Awards.

She said the remark from Prince David Osei caused her to feel useless.

As per her, however she doesn’t detest Prince David Osei, the thing he said about her hurt her a great deal.

“Actor Prince David Osei went for a TV interview and expressed that he is very disappointed in organizers of Golden Movie Awards for allowing a stupid girl like me Akuapem Poloo to present an award whiles better people were around,” she stated.

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“I will always remember what Prince David Osei said to me despite the fact that I don’t detest him. I regard him a great deal and I have been on set with him twice. He knows me well indeed and can affirm by saying I’m a humble person”, she added.

However, Akuapem Poloo included that she bares Prince David Osei no resentment for the thing he said about her.

Source : Ghanavanguard.com

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