The Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram Constituency of the Greater Accra Region, Hon. Sam Nartey George has been urged by ace investigative journalist Manasseh Azure to render an apology to the Australian Ambassador to Ghana, H.E Andrews Barnes.

The opposition MP recently took a swipe at the Australian Ambassador after accusing him of flouting the laws of the country by advocating for LGBTQI+ rights to be recognised and respected in Ghana. He further threatened to visit assault on the diplomat if he doesn’t stop calling for the rights of LGBTQI+ people to be legalized.

“Why can’t I beat him? If he decides not to behave like a diplomat, I will treat him like a non-diplomat because a diplomat has signed up his letters of credence which says he will respect the laws of Ghana. The laws of Ghana do not allow you to do homosexuality then you with your two left legs you leave Australia to Ghana to come and redeem your image, do you know his career, he is someone who does not know his identity and has come to Ghana to reinvent himself an wants to dictate to us that we must legalize supi supi,” he was quoted by MyNewsGh as having said.

However, for Manasseh Azure, the threat issued by the MP is irresponsible and not accepted by laws they [MPs] make in parliament.

According to him, it is a disgrace Sam George brought to the good people of Ningo Prampram Constituency who he represents in parliament, by threatening to beat up a diplomat.

He however, calls on the MP to render an apology to his constituents for disgracing them by his threat as well as the Australian Ambassador who he threatens to assault.

In a facebook post sighted by, Mr. Azure wrote: “If the laws of Ghana do not allow homosexuality, those same laws don’t allow an MP to threaten to beat up a diplomat or insult them on live TV. Sam George, this is terrible. And it’s a disgrace to the people you represent. Apologise to them and the Australian High Commissioner.”

Meanwhile, Sam George, in reaction to Manasseh Azure’s advise says he will never apologize to the diplomat.

According to him, he’s not a “stooge” to be scared of the Australian diplomat.

He further also advise the journalist to not be in haste to present his opinions on every issues that come up.

Read below Sam George’s counter statement;

Dear Manasseh Azure Awuni,

I consider you a friend and would urge you to know that when you do not have wisdom to add to an issue, silence is a better option.

You want me to apologise to who? For what? What law are you quoting that I have broken? I am not a stooge who is afraid of the white man. Tell your friend that I said if he is a diplomat, he should respect the laws of our Country. Simple.

For someone who trumpets the fight against corruption, I would assume that you truly love our Country. What part of your culture support homosexuality? What part of your upbringing embraces that perversion? I would expect better judgement from you.

Do not be in a haste to have an opinion on every matter. I believe the commentary under your own post will indicate to you the pulse of the Country. Be advised.

My regards to your lovely wife, who is a woman. Cheers.


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