Founder and leader of the Kumasi Aboahyia-based Christ Prayer Group of All Nations, Apostle Dr. Dirl Airl King Marshal has condemned in no uncertain terms, the claim been made by a Ghanaian legend fetish priest Nana Kweku Bonsam recently against Okomfo Agraada that her claim of repenting from worshipping small gods might be false if Agraada continue to pronounce that she is no more an idol worshipper.

No true fetish priest can just wake up and say l have denounced my idols and worship God , without performing any rituals to scare the gods,so Agraada’s claim is false, the Apostle who scripturally differs in opion quoted Kweku Bonsam to have made the anti-Agraada statement.

Reacting to the claim in an interview with the’s Kumasi Correspondent, Nana Amoah, Apostle Dr. King Dirl observed that God’s mind is far different from that of humans assumption as He (God) can transform sinner within a twinkle of an eye no matter how the person has committed serious crimes against the state.

Citing extensively the Book of Ezekiel 33- 1-20 and 21, the man of God said transformation of sinful souls by God is more easier, but it takes a righteous man to remain clean and justice before his sins are forgiven.

God can transform sinners including idol worshippers like Agraada and Kweku Bonsam himself at a go no matter how such people are very well known to great Kings and influencial people across the world, therefore Kweku Bonsam’s claim is baseless and have no point to say because Agraada was a former idol worshipper nothing can make her to change her evil ways instantly.

For the information of Kweku Bonsam, he should know that the power of God is greater than the idols he is serving,so he should keep quite and witness how the power of God saves sinners, even ready to save him Kweku Bonsam today.

For the fact that Apostle King Dirl Airl King Marshal was thankful to God for Agraada’s confession and repentance, he was also not happy about the manner she was baptised in her swimming pool at her private residence, which in the clergy’s view, is contradictory to the baptism procedures in the Holy Bible.

King Dirl however took opportunity to admonish Agraada to consider her call as a sacred one and avoid associating herself from counterfeit pastors who use the scriptures to pollute the word of God.

Charging Agraada to further remained committed to her call as a d repentant Christian woman, the humble man of God advised Agraada to avail herself to either the headships of Assemblies of God Church, Church of Pentecost or come over to him King Marshal in Kumasi to be re-bapatized into a stream into the name of Father, Son and the Holy Ghost to enhance Biblical baptism.


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