Barry Keoghan net worth
Barry Keoghan

Barry Keoghan net worth. Barry Keoghan is a 29 year-old actor who hails from Summerhill, a residential settlement located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland.

His acting career began in 2011 when he followed up on an advertisement he saw at a local shop window for cast in Between the Canals film. He subsequently was picked, and played a role in the film as Aido. The film was released the same year.

At the age of 18, Keoghan enrolled at a film school called The Factor. After completing the school, he had the opportunity to feature in Fair City. That was his major film debut.

The actor became well known when he feature in the 2017 popular movie, Dunkirk

Koeghan lived most of his childhood life hoping from foster home to foster, in Dublin.

Barry Koeghan net worth

The actor, Barry Koeghan net worth stands at $17 million, according to multiple sources who deal in the movie industry.

Koeghan’s net worth is attributed to his 12 years successful acting career.

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