Minutes for the Bawku curfew to come into effect at 4pm on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, streets in the troubled Bawku township and its environs got deserted.

The Hon. Ambrose Dery-led Interior Minister has on Wednesday, November 24, imposed a 4pm to 6am curfew on Bawku and it’s adjoining communities.

This was after a shooting incident was recorded recently at Bawku in a re-emerging chieftaincy dispute that has existed between the Kussasis and the Manprugus for years.

To check and put under control the security situations in the communities, the interior ministry declared a curfew on the communities.

Pictures available to this news website show that streets have been ghosted, and that there is compliance to the curfew.

Check some of the images below;

However, some residents do not get the rational behind the imposition of the 4pm-6am curfew on Bawku.

A resident of the town, Hassan, believes the Interior Minister committed some human errors when planning the curfew.

“…a normal curfew is 6pm to 6am. But to imposed a curfew of 4pm to 6am is totally wrong and i think the minister erred in his decision…,” he wrote in a tweet sighted by Ghana Vanguard.

Another Bawku resident, Prince Nurudeen Bawumia, also says that the 4 to 6am curfew is unfortunate, and that government needs to take a second look at the decision.

He suggests also that for peace to reign in Bawku, one of the feuding factions in the chieftaincy dispute, the Mamprusis, must be allowed to perform funeral rites of their late chief who, according to reports, died some 14 years ago.

“This unusual curfew impost in Bawku and it’s environ is unfortunate n we plead 2 govt 2 reconsider their decision…. Allow the Mamprusis to perform their late 14th chief’s funeral,” he wrote.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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