A popular social media commentator and activist of the governing New Patriotic Party, Frank Mandela Bawumia has descended on his fellow Ghanaians, describing them as dirty people.

According to Bawumia, Ghanaians are more than religious but dirt is what characterize their environments.

He wonders if cleanliness is really next to godliness, looking at how the more religious Ghanaians dwell in filth.

Bawumia’s outburst came after pictures of very clean flood waters in a Thailand city make waves on social media.

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According to Bawumia, people in the flood hit Thailand city are not dirty, a reason why the flood waters in the city are so transparent and clean.

In a facebook post, he wrote; “The flood situation in Pastrami, Thailand. Its water is so clear. Shows the people in that community are not dirty people as we have in Ghana. Fact is Ghanaians are generally dirty. We are more religious than Vatican but are very dirty. Isn’t cleanliness suppose to be next to godliness?”

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He however, encourage Ghanaians to take the fight to make their environments clean serious and get themselves involved.

“We can do better. The fight to make our environment clean starts with YOU,” he indicated.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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