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A number of residents of Bole in the Savannah Region have lambasted former President John Dramani Mahama after it was revealed he appointed a lecturer at the University of Education, Winneba Dr Ahmed Jinapor as Board Member of the Ghana Immigration Service during his reign as President.

The irked residents said former President John Dramani Mahama ignored his own people in the Bole-Bamboi Constituency and rather gave appointments to people in the Gonja area whose loyalty to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was questionable.

The irked residents expressed these sentiments after Dr Ahmed Jinapor confirmed that former President John Dramani Mahama appointed him as a board member of the Ghana Immigration Service on merit just as President Nana Akufo-Addo has also appointed him as a Board member of the National Council of Curriculum and Assessment.

Dr Ahmed Jinapor in an interview on Bole based Nkilgi FM three days ago said he does not hate former President John Mahama and will never speak ill of him. This did not convince many who accused Dr Jinapor of political flirtation and hypocrisy for moving to Damomgo to work for Abu Jinapor.

Some also went ahead to cite the case of another prominent Gonja man who is reported to be working against the return of former President John Dramani Mahama even though he got an appointment into a sensitive position in John Dramani Mahama’s government.

There were reports in June, 2020 that a Gonja man who John Mahama gave an appointment is secretly working for NPP and has killed two black cows so that John Mahama will not come back to power.

A popular caller of Bole based Nkilgi and a staunch supporter of former President John Dramani who has always had running problems with people because of his love for the former President nearly cried while complaining of how some appointees of the former President have stabbed him at the back.

Amin Jajah said former President John Mahama never appointed a single person from his own Bole- Bamboi Constituency backyard in the name of national cohesion and unity and perhaps out of fear of accusations of nepotism which is understandable even though many in Bole were not happy. He said former President John Dramani Mahama will surely win the 2020 election but appealed to him to stop the mantra that “he is also an appointee of government from Bole and so his appointments should go to other parts of the country”.

Mr Jajah said they are working more harder to bring former President John Dramani Mahama back to power but warned that he will never have it easy if he fails to appoint at least one person from the Bole- Bamboi Constituency into his government.

“There were so many qualified NDC members from Bole who never got appointed and I wonder why former President was so infatuated with the Jinapor family one of whom is in NDC, one in NPP, and one in the middle without a clear political stance”.

He added that Dr Jinapor is trying maintain some balance to please both NPP and NDC but such people will not be tolerated when Mr Mahama comes back to power.

Many others supported the question of Mr Issifu Seidu Kudus Gbeadese, the Research Assistant to the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Damongo Constituency who speaking on Bole based Nkilgi FM three days ago asked Dr Ahmed Jinapor to disclose his stand within the political equation in Gonjaland and in Ghana at large because he has all of a sudden “seen the need to show his face with politicians in Damongo even when he still insist he is not a politician”.

The residents said they reason with Mr Gbeadese who stated that; “in the next NDC government when H.E John Mahama wins Insha Allah, things will be different; the variables will change, that I can assure everyone especially in Gonjaland; this time, benefits will come with responsibilities; show me your work book and take your marks. We won’t sit back and watch anybody cross boundaries when the tables turn. We will fight it”.


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