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BREAKING: Moses Foh-Amoaning kicked out of Association of African Albinos for his anti LGBTQI rights stance.

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The Executive Secretary of National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values and anti gay rights campaigner, Mr. Moses Foh-Amoaning has been denounced as a member of the Association of African Albinos.

Mr. Amoaning’s expulsion from the group comes as a result of his tough stance against LGBTQI+ rights in in the country. He is currently championing a cause to get all LGBTQI+ offices in the country closed.

In a letter dated February 23, 2021 and signed by the president of the association, V.F. Sesom Hofamn which was sighted by GhanaVanguard.com, the association accuses Mr. Amoaning of violation of human rights, championing hatred as well as aiding in the persecution of a minority group which he founds himself in as an albino.

“we have officially denounced Moses Foh Amoaning from our association with immediate effects for his violation of human rights and championing hate. We write with sincere apologies to the LGBTQI+ community of Ghana and across the continent that we are very sorry to hear and witness the inhuman treatment, hate and violence propagated by a member of highly vulnerable and marginalized community who should have used his privilege to fight for the rest of us but unfortunately persecuting other marginalized groups,” part of the press release reads.

The albino association also believes that Moses Foh-Amoaning should have used the resources and energy he is using to work against LGBTQI+ people in Ghana to fight for the rights of his fellow albinos elsewhere in Africa who are still been persecuted, harassed and murdered for ritual purposes.

“We have been “surviving and suffering” similar violence, intimidations and discriminations across the continent hoping people like Foh Amoaning who found peace in Ghana, the nation of freedom and justice will channel his energy, resources and legal knowledge into saving our situation and that Of Other marginalized groups but he is instead practicing Vice,” the press release indicated.

The angered and unhappy association further rendered an apology to the LGBTQI+ people in Ghana who have been made sad and more marginalized by the actions of Foh-Amoaning and his cohorts.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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