Foster Abu Sakara
Dr. Foster Abu Sakara, CPP 2012 Presidential Candidate and Agricultural Economist.

The 2012 flagbearer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) and well recognised Agriculture Scientist, Dr. Foster Abu Sakara has advised the Akufo Addo-led administration and other interest groups to push for a change of constitution before election 2024 is held.

According to him, a referendum to change the 1992 constitution must be held before 2023 in order to pave way for the “reset” of what he described as “dysfunction system” of Ghana.

He is of the view that if the current constitution is not changed before the next elections, the modus operandi of whoever wins the election will not change from the person’s predecessors.

“I am for constitutional reform to reset Ghana’s dysfunctional system before 2024 elections. If we don’t have a referendum to change our constitution in 2022 it will be too late by 2023. Then the elections that follow in 2024 will simply give us business as usual no matter who wins,” Dr. Sakara opined in a short facebook post sighted.

Dr. Sakara suggests further that the problems Ghana and it’s 30 million citizens are faced with are as a result of the current constitution which was written in 1992 in the late former president Rawlings’ era.

He added that for the problems to be eradicated “permanently”; a new constitution is needed.

“Let us fix the constitution now to allow us fix the country permanently.
Temporary fixes won’t do,” he opined.

Dr. Sakara has been a long time advocate for conditional reforms in Ghana as he sees the current constitution to be problematic.

According to him, changing the current constitution will help in the elimination of abuse of power, exclusion and elitism, nepotism, and corruption.


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