Kofi Bentil
Kofi Bentil is the Senior Vice President of a popular think tank, IMANI Ghana.

Lawyer and Senior Vice President of IMANI Ghana, Mr. Kofi Bentil says Ghanaians should blame corrupt leaders in the country for the numerous deaths resulting from accidents on the Accra-Kumasi highway.

According to him, the avoidable judgment debts and monies that he claimed politicians have been stealing could have been used to dualize major and busy highways throughout the country to prevent avoidable accidents from occurring.

“Money stolen and wasted on judgment debts in Ghana each year can dualize Accra-Kumasi road. Those who died on that road were killed by corrupt leaders!,” he stated on his facebook wall.

His comment was in reaction to the gory accident that happened in the dawn of yesterday, February 26, 2021 on the aforementioned highway which claimed the lives of some 16 persons and left dozens more battling for their lives at hospitals.

The Accra-Kumasi highway, over the years, has been one of the busiest highways on which so many accidents and lives are lost are lost in the country. Many believe the single lane that the highway has been is one of the contributing factors to the accidents.

Several calls have however been made to governments for the dualization of the Accra-Kumasi highway and other busy highways in the country in order to prevent accidents and unnecessary loss of precious lives from happening.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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