Some officials of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Ivory Coast have landed in Ghana to study how Ghana deploys its covid-19 vaccines to every part of the country.

The presence of the officials has been announced by the Ghana chapter of the World Health Organization.

“Officials from Cote D’Ivoire’s Ministry of Health are in Ghana to learn lessons from COVID-19 vaccine deployment strategy in Ghana,” the announcement says.

Ghana has been one of the countries in Africa noted for properly handling the pandemic. Though, the total number of covid deaths is more than 770, it is still believed Ghana is managing the pandemic better than most countries in Africa and the world.

Last month, 600,000 COVAX AstraZeneca vaccines arrived in the country and just recently, another batch of 350,000 arrived. The smooth distribution of it is what the Ivorian officials are in the country to study.


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