crate challenge
Victim of the crate challenge

About three days ago, a new social media trend dubbed Crate Challenge took over social media. Some also call it the milk crate challenge.

The crate challenge which is daring to do, is leaving people, who fall from the peak of the arranged crates, with serious injury.

The challenge involves milk crates stacked up as stairs. The point is to climb them and complete the course for some handsome cash rewards.

But at the peak of the stairs, the seven-stacked high crates wobble which results into many people falling onto the ground, and injuring themselves.

Some of the people who fall in the crate challenge suffered head, and neck injuries, while others also suffer back pain.

Below is five of the most injured persons in the ‘scary’ #cratechallenge.

1). This unknown man suffered a serious back injury after he fell from the peak of the stashed crates. The reddish part of his back hit the crate, leaving him in severe pain.

2). His name is given as Jason. He fell and landed on his neck during the crate challenge. He was rushed to the hospital, treated, and discharge. But for now, he’s wheelchair-boundπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

3). This guy would probably be taken to the hospital for head and neck injuries. He never landed well at all which means there would be injury, if not injuries.

4). This lady will definitely not land well and the end result will be injuries she would sustain.

Why would anyone get involve in something that can easily cause serious injuries to you?





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