Alec Baldwin is a known democrat
Actor Alec Baldwin speaks during the Iowa Democratic Party's Fall Gala, Monday, Nov. 27, 2017, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Following the accidental shooting and killing of Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins by Alec Baldwin on a movie set in Santa Fe, New Mexico, sections of Americans, who belong to the republican party, believes that the actor and film producer will not be made to face prosecution.

The Alec Baldwin shooting incident which involves a prop gun, happened Thursday night and saw 42 years old Director of Photography of the film Rust, Halyna Hutchins shot, in addition to the film director, a 48 years old Joel Souza, who survived the incident after being rushed to the hospital.

However, as the matter is being dealt with by New Mexico authorities, some of Alec Baldwin’s countrymen back in the United States believe the 68 years old producer, who is a well known Democrat, will not be made to face prosecution over the incident. They believe that the case will nowhere due to Baldwin’s political affiliation.

Reacting to the shooting incident, some Americans, believed to be supporters of the Republican party allege that Baldwin has killed more persons than Former President Donald Trump.

Alec Baldwin has now killed more people than those at the capital on Jan 6 hmm.. and he is anti nra , yet is glorifying guns in a movie hmmmm,” a twitter user named Drew Heide wrote.

Another twitter user Lucas Carson who seems to be politicizing the crime asks; “What would Alec Baldwin say about this incident if one of his political opponents had done this? Hmmm I wonder?”

“Alec Baldwin does political comedy making fun of Trump on SNL. He donates regularly to Democrats. You think the people he spent years donating to won’t come to save his sorry ass? Please, the only one you are kidding is yourself,” a nameless tweep alleges.

Someone also believes that since Alec Baldwin is a democrat, the incident will not be blamed on him, but rather the prop gun he used.

Alec Baldwin mishandled a REAL handgun; he assumed it was safe – without verifying whether it was loaded – and he pointed it at someone and pulled the trigger. A woman is dead because of his negligence. But Alec is a democrat, so the #MSM will blame the prop gun,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the actor and producer has spoken for the first time since the incident. He indicated that he is assisting Santa Fe police authorities to investigate the incident which he says saddens his heart.


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