Kwesi Pratt, Managing Editor of The Insight Newspaper
Kwesi Pratt, Managing Editor of The Insight Newspaper

Veteran journalist and Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr has advised National Democratic Congress (NDC) lawmakers who are on the appointment committee of parliament to do what their grassroots demand them to do or they will suffer consequences.

According to the veteran journalist, the damage that the NDC will suffer if its lawmakers do not leave up to the expectations of their grassroot as long as the vetting of the nominees of president Akufo Addo is concerned will be huge.

One of the damages he identifies that the NDC will incur if things go wrong during vetting is the sudden disappearance of the energy of the grassroots who are the forces that hold political parties in good standing.

“What must be clear, especially to the member of the National Democratic Congress who will be serving on this committee; what must be clear to them is that if they do a shoddy job, they will suffer politically. The damage will be huge. The energy and the grassroots will completely diminish,” Mr. Pratt said when speaking on Alhaji & Alhaji Show on Saturday, February 6 which was monitored by

He further continued that if the entire appointment; comprising of NPP and NDC lawmakers fail to thoroughly vet nominees of the president, the only side of parliament that will bear the consequences is the NDC. He therefore admonish the NDC lawmakers to leave up to the expectations of the their support base.

“If the appointment committee of parliament fails to act properly, to set higher standards and so on, it is the NDC that will suffer,” he added.


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