Edem Agbana
Edem Agbana, Deputy National Youth Organizer of the NDC

The Deputy National Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Edem Agbana and his team of #BurnTheBooks demonstrators have given a 2-week ultimatum to the Ghana Education Service to withdraw from the market controversial tribal textbook that has caused a national uproar.

On Monday, March 15, 2021, Edem Agbana led a team of predominantly Ewe demonstrators to the premises of GES to burn hundreds of copies of the said textbook on the premises as a way of registering their displeasure at the textbook.

However, the plan to burn the books was aborted at the last hour as a result of, according to Edem Agbana, a plea from the chiefs in the Volta Region. Him and his team instead gave the 14 days ultimatum to GES to call every single copy of the book from the market.

“It’s only for the respect we have for our chiefs. It’s not the respect we have for any of our state institutions, for our chiefs. That’s why today, all the books we have gathered to burn here at the GES headquarters…it is but for the plea of our chiefs and elders of the region that we are postponing that [burning of the books].”

“If in 14 days, they do not recall all the books, withdraw all of them from the market and come out without with better content for our kids and younger brothers and sisters we will take action and do what is needful,” he said to pressmen at the headquarters of the Ghana Education Service.

Meanwhile, a presidential staffer, Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe has called for punishments for the publishers of the textbooks and an official apology rendered to the chiefs and people of the Volta Region.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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