A Tema based supporter of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwesi Bentum has claimed that the Ewes who could not understand or speak Twi are the ones from neighboring Togo.

The “mature but ignorant” Kwesi, whose beards are turning gray made this distasteful comment under a Facebook post that GhanaVanguard.com tried unsuccessfully to identify.

According to Kwesi, Twi dominates over all other languages including Ewe which are spoken in the country and therefore anyone who can not speak or understand the Twi is not Ghanaian.

“It’s only the Ewes who are from Togo do not speak Twi so once u are Ewes and claim you don’t speak or understand Twi you are not Ghanaian because Twi dominates over the rest of languages in Ghana…,” Kwesi wrote.

Kwesi Bentum also indicated in his comments that people in the Northern Region speak and understand Twi but they do not complain.

He however asked why only the Ewes always have complains to make.

The tribal bigot ended his comment by advising the Ewes to stop complaining.

GhanaVanguard.com could not immediately tell what the Ewes were complaining about which got Kwesi’s tribal bigotry mode activated.

However, other social media users who came across the comment made by Kwesi expressed their dissatisfaction and anger towards him.

Many of them bashed him back with equally distasteful comments whiles some also called on him [Kwesi] to delete the comment.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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  1. Frankly, it is annoying to think that Twi is so important in the scheme of things. That language is only spoken in Ghana, period. Ewe on the other hand is spoken in Ghana, Togi, Benin, Western Nigeria ( Gbadagri) Liberia Cameroun and I understand some parts of Sudan. So what do these jackasses have to be proud of? In Ghana, we have Ewe, Dagbani, Nzema, Ga and the Akan groups who speak other dialect than Twi. If you leave Ghana, few people will understand you when you speak that language. Ewe is widely spoken in the West African Region than Twi. If people who insist forcing twi down the throat of others will take the time to learn other languages, they’ll bit a bit more educated and less of ignorant buffoons.

  2. Lets start addressing this from within.
    Blame our brothers and sisters who were sent to school to raise high the ewe flag.
    Once they get to Accra Kumasi, Tema, Takoradi, etc, they are automatically metamorphosed into Akans.
    What ever happens to the English they learnt at school, only God knows.
    They rattle other people’s language like parrots, and look at you like joon when you speak home language.
    Ask of her name and she’ll mention a typical ewe name. Its so shameful.
    The annoying one is two ewes chatting in Twi.
    This is where we’ve gotten to.
    Mina miatror miafe agbenornor sia, ne bubu nava miadenyigba nuti.
    Akpe nami

  3. I’m not surprised by Kwesi’d comment. Well e Okusie and Akrantie shits he’s been eating have polluted his brain. Stupid, senseless homo sapien, kortibortor, charcoal face dwarf of a tribesman, whose ancestors were forcibly incorporated into e Gold Coast by e British. Ewes weren’t. Ewe is far more an international language in Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic, Badagry in Nigeria, parts of Ethiopia and Sudan, Cologne University where it’s spoken and taught. Where else, apart from Ghana, is Two spoken and written?? Fool and bigot!!

  4. These people are getting mad per their judgement or maybe they are robots under construction. In multi-language states, nationality can not be based on one particular language.

  5. He is ignorant of what he’s saying. If an Ewe doesn’t live among the people of other languages he cannot speak it unless that person study other language in school. Languages are spoken by listening and imitating as well as reading it. All Ewes related and migrated hence the difference Volta Ewes have relatives in Togo.

  6. Is this guy in his rightful mind for him to say Ewes who can’t speak twi are the ones from Togo? Is he from the Ewe land? Big fool check your self before you speak.

  7. The language called twi is the most language which can’t help anyone to be able to read or write any other language across the globe.
    However, it is only twi that allows you to mention one as wine
    Man as mine
    Reverse as levrse
    Bread as blade etc.
    How many members of his family can speak Ewe?

    • You are such a kotomayikpa to make this comment. Your skull is so empty. So are you saying that with the size of your head, there is no brain at all inside? Your family must be so disappointed have such an idiot in the family.

    • It’s not entirely right to describe Kwesi Bentum as mature. He is mature, yes, physically mature but mentally horrifyingly immature. And by the way who tells Kwesi Bentum people from the North aren’t complaining? Well, I am. Kwesi Bentum is an ignoramus of the first degree.


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