Former Minister for Information and Tourism who later became Ghana’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic under the late Prof. Mills’ NDC administration, Mrs. Zita Benson has thrown some swipes at president Akufo Addo hours after his last address to the nation.

The president, in his last address to the nation on Sunday, January 31, 2021 announced a ban on funerals, weddings and other activities that involves social gatherings but to the surprise of many; left out churches, schools and mosques.

This however, seems to not be clear to the former minister and diplomat as she sees no reason why wedding and funeral activities which are mostly held in churches will strictly be restricted whiles churches and mosques are allowed to continue to operate at their full capacities.

“Ban on weddings and funerals but churches and schools can operate at full capacity. It makes sense anaaaa 😀😀😀😀,” she wrote on her facebook wall.

The ban on weddings and funerals by the president are all part of efforts to stern the spread of the deadly covid-19 pandemic which has claimed so far the lives of some 416 persons in the country.

However, leaving schools, churches and mosques which are all place of mass gathering to continue to operate is what some Ghanaians are not coming into terms with.


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