Foster Abu Sakara
2012 CPP Presidential Candidate, Dr. Abu Sakara Foster.

The 2012 Presidential Candidate on the ticket of the ‘struggling’ Convention People’s Party (CPP), Dr. Foster Abu Sakara has chided the Franklin Cudjoe-led IMANI Center for Policy and Education for scoring the government of President Akufo Addo 56.77% for the implementation of some of their 2016 campaign promises.

According to Dr. Sakara who resigned from the CPP four years ago, the methodology used by IMANI Africa in rating the Akufo-Addo government should not have been used.

In a social media post which was sighted by, the agric entrepreneur accuses IMANI Africa of using a “borrow and spend” approach in rating the ruling party.

Dr. Sakara further suggests that if governments are been rated using the “borrow and spend” approach, governments will be forced to borrow more money than they can generate to effect implementation of their campaign promises so as to be always rated high.

“…Meanwhile IMANI is rating percentage promises fulfilled by the two parties based on borrow and spend approach. How does this help overcome the fundamental problem of governments that spend more money than they can generate?” he quizzes.

The politician continued that fulfilment of campaign promises by government in power should not be used as an indicator to adjudge the government.

He however, called on leadership of IMANI Africa to come up with another approach or method which is based on “qualitative index” for rating implementation of campaign promises by governments.

“Fulfilment of campaign promises is not a good indicator of good governance.”

“IMANI please come again with a qualitative index and not just a quantitative index,” he stated.


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