Prof. Baffour Agyemang Duah
Prof. Baffour Agyemang Duah is the current CEO of John A. Kufour Foundation and Co-founder of CDD-Ghana.

Co-founder of one of Ghana’s vibrant policy think-tanks, Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) and Chief Executive Officer of John A. Kufuor Foundation, Professor Baffour Agyemang Duah said Ghana can only see massive development if the one-party system of government is adopted.

According to the renowned development and governance expert, “longevity of leadership is an important element in development” and therefore, the two-term (8 years) at most, that a president of Ghana is allowed by the constitution to serve; will not be enough for the implementation of long term development strategies.

“We have created a system for ourselves that says at best you will be there for eight years. A system that is inherently adversarial…how do you then have a long term strategy to develop?,” he quizzed.

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Prof. Baffour continued by citing countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand as nations that developed through the adoption of a one-party system of government which he says enable leaders to stay in power for not less than twenty-five (25) years. He mentioned these countries to support his argument that Ghana needs to also adopt the system in order to develop.

“…when you have a one-party state with a president for life, you can certainly plan your progress. If you look at all the countries that have emerged from underdevelopment in Asia and elsewhere; all of them took roughly between twenty-four (24) to twenty-eight (28), at most thirty (30) years to turn their destiny around.

So, the countries that we like to cite as Ghanaians to inspire us; Singapore and Malaysia, South Korea, now Thailand and a few others; they had leaders who stayed for not less than twenty-five (25) years,” he stated.

Prof. Baffour Agyemang Duah was speaking on GhOne TV’s ‘GhToday’ program on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 monitored by Dr. Foster Abu Sakara, a former presidential candidate was a co-panelist on the program.


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