Pastors, Imams and traditionalists in the country have all been advised by the Founding President and CEO of IMANI Center for Policy and Education, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe to digitize or take their religious activities online.

According to him, digitizing the operations of religious centers will add to efforts to get the fast ravaging coronavirus under control in order to prevent more deaths and minimize the infections rate.

Mr. Cudjoe’s comment was in reaction to the address delivered by president Akufo Addo yesterday, January 31 in which he announced the banning of the funerals and weddings.

The social commentator is however, of the view that religious activities should also have been banned by the president as religious grounds such as churches and mosques can be a place for the spread of the coronavirus which has since claimed the lives of more than 400 persons in the country.

He added that pastors and imams can deliver their messages to their flocks via social media platforms such as WhatsApp as well as tv and radio mediums.

“Frankly I expected all religious activities to be banned. Pastors and Imams must learn to digitize their work. Register all members, send them sermons on WhatAapp and let them momo their offertory,” he stated on facebook.

President Akufo Addo, in his 23rd address to the nation since covid-19 emerged in Ghana, reimpose ban on social gatherings in an effort to curb the spread of the virus which has been increasing with an alarming rate in recent times.

He however spared churches and mosques the ban to the surprise of many including Franklin Cudjoe who took to social media to register his displeasure.


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