Rev. Christian Kwabena Andrews
Rev. Christian Kwabena Andrews, Founder and Leader of Ghana Union Movement (GUM) and leader of Life Assembly Worship Centre.

The Founder and Leader of Ghana Union Movement (GUM) and contestant in the 2020 presidential election, Rev. Christian Kwabena Andrews, popularly called Osofo Kyiri Abosom, has described Vice President Dr. Bawumia as the country’s biggest liar.

According to the man of God cum politician, Veep Bawumia says a lot of things which have never seen the light of day. This, he believes is the reason why he should never be trusted.

Osofo Kyiri Abosom made the comments during a media engagement with JoyNews’ reporters in his office at Odorkor recently.

“they can’t do anything. Because you see, Bawumia has lied and lied…, always lying. He keeps [sic] on lying here and there….Can you trust that person? Unless maybe he changes [sic] from this very years ahead of him, that maybe….”

“…one village on dam didn’t work. ‘we are going to give every village one borehole’…nothing that he said even came to pass.

…to be frank…if you want a bigger liar in this country, it is Bawumia. He’s a person that…can lie to you and when he’s speaking to you, you look at his face, he will deceive you,” he continued.


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  1. You failed to pin point any issue that can specifically be ascribed to the vice president. If it is one dam one village, then it is npp policy – right from a manifesto. You must be on a mission to single out bawumia for this ongoing project. I hope your mission is not a PHD of this indefatigable and knowledgeable gentleman.

  2. Sofo Kyirabosom should mind his language. Have the dams not been built? If they have not been able to build all, does that make him the biggest liar in Ghana? Of all the good things and changes he has brought to the nation, is this how you label him. You want to destroy him so that you come to power? What do you have for the nation except Kwame Nkrumahs legacy most of which are outmoded today. Can’t you see modernity in Ghana today? Save your money to help your church members some of whom are suffering. As for the Presidency forget it. No amount of maligning the Veep will give you that seat


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