Hon. Murtala Mohammed, MP for Tamale Central
Hon. Murtala Mohammed, MP for Tamale Central

The Member of Parliament for the good people of Tamale Central Constituency in the Northern Region, Hon. Murtala Mohammed says the Health Minister Designate and MP for Dormaa Central is not qualified to be a health minister if he had no knowledge of the illegalities that transpired at the Kotoka International Airport with regards to Covid-19 testing.

Hon. Agyemang Manu revealed at his vetting that he had no knowledge of the company that was contracted to carry out covid-19 testing at the Kotoka International Airport. He however justified why the company had to start work at the airport even before parliament approve the 150 USD that was being charged per test.

However, for Hon. Murtala, Hon. Agyemang Manu who was the during Minister for Health at the time should have known about the contract and his failure to explain the controversies surrounding the operation of the company to the appointment committee makes him unfit for the Office of the Health Minister.

“I can’t phantom why a Minister for Health who was in charges of the fight against covid-19 and the loans that we contracted using covid-19 as a justification in sourcing those loans and the procedure mechanism that we couch out in fighting covid-19; none of those processes or procedures escaped the minister for health.”

“The extent to which the controversy that came with the testing of covid-19 at the airport, the minister could not say anything and i remember that was precisely what he did. I mean if you have a minister who didn’t know what was going on at the airport then he is not fit to be a minister of health.”

Hon. Murtala was speaking on the weekly Sena Nombo-hosted Alhaji & Alhaji Show on Pan African TV earlier today, Saturday, February 13, 2021. Veteran Journalist, Kwesi Pratt Jnr Jnr. and NDC’s Dzifa Tegah were panelist on the show when Hon. Murtala made his comments.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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