Host of Good Evening Ghana on Metro TV and Board Chairman of the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL), Paul Adom Otchere, and the entire GACL board, have been accused of breaching the country’s procurement laws when purchasing some four Christmas trees.

The Paul Adom Otchere-led GACL board bought four Christmas trees that were placed at various positions at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA). The purchase has since sparked outrage as the amount involved in the purchase seems exorbitant to many.

The total amount involved in the purchase was GHS 118,000.00. This figure however, is disputed by the GACL Board chair, Paul Adom Otchere.

However, the process or manner in which the purchase was made also highlights some breaches of the Public Procurement Law ACT 663 as amended.

Paul Adom Otchere indicated in a Facebook post that GACL contacted two vendors to submit their bids for the contract instead of three vendors as required by the country’s procurement law which states that; “The procurement entity shall request for quotations from as many suppliers or contractors as practical, but shall compare quotations from AT LEAST 3 different sources….”

Another provision of the procurement law that was breached by the GACL board is the National Competitive Tendering.

“…the total value of the decorations according to you is GHS 84,000 + GH 34,000 = GHS 118,000.00.

This is above the threshold for requesting for quotations from vendors; according to the 5th schedule of law and ought to have gone through the National Competitive Tendering (NCT) procedures, which includes advertising in newspapers,” a write-up shared by top NDC loyalist Dzifa Gunu indicates.

The third breached has to do with the violation of Section 21 subsection 5 of the Public Procurement law which says that “A procurement entity shall not divide a procurement order into parts or lower the value of a procurement order to avoid the application of the procedure for public procurement in this ACT”.

This too is a breach of the law because the transaction appeared to have been divided in order to stay within the GHS 100,000.00 threshold for price quotation, some Ghanaians believe.


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