professor yaw gyampo
Prof. Ransford Yaw Gyampo, Political Science Lecturer at the University of Ghana

Renowned political scientist and lecturer at the University of Ghana, Prof. Yaw Gyampo, has made a statement of Facebook which is indeed difficult to understand by people with no political science background.

The statement, however draw many reactions from Ghanaians as most of them say they do not understand what the professor meant by his statement.

The statement made by the professor is below;

“Needless collateral dent. It can only be rationalized to show the height of political infantilism in a nascent democracy. The justification is palpably unconvincing to any human being who wants to think beyond partisan parochialism”

However, some people who could not understand the heavy vocabularies used by the professor asked him to simplify the statement for their “consumption”

Below are screenshots of their reactions;


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