Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region, Hon. Elliot Edem Agbewornu has exposed his lies on live radio when he was being interviewed.

Mr. Elliot who was interview by Umaru Sanda on his Point Blank segment of Citi evening news on Wednesday, July 29 revealed how he identified somebody’s nationality by just looking at the person’s handwriting.

During the interview, the MCE claimed he personally caught one Togolese who was waiting to be registered. According to the MCE, he spoke his native Ewe to the man but the man could not reply as he does not understand the Ewe and subsequently he fled the center.

However, when the MCE was asked by the host of the program, Umaru Sanda; how come it was possible for the person to escape meanwhile there was presence of Police and soldiers at the center who escorted the Regional Minister; the MCE replied; he did not meet the man himself and this is in contradiction of what he said earlier.

Umaru Sander then reminded the MCE that he just minutes ago said that he spoke to the person in Ewe. The MCE replied and said he spoke to the person about 100 meters away after his boys reported the incident to him [MCE].

“You must have been shouting then”, Sanda said.

According to the MCE, during the time his boy were reporting the incident to him, the suspected Togolese took to his hills into a nearby bush.

The MCE’s claims on the program however draw mockery from his political opponents as he is being discussed all over on social media.


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