“I Will Not Die” – Efya Reacts To Nigel Gaisie’s Death Revelation About Her


Efya is not harbouring any fears after Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s revelation about her death.

The founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel claimed he saw the death of the singer in an earlier report .

“When I see things in the spirit, I don’t add or subtract. I say it as I’ve seen it and what I saw is musician Efya will die. I was there this dawn, last dawn and the Lord appeared to me and I saw it like you’re watching on TV. Don’t joke with me. Don’t joke with my prophecy. You can have your bias about me but when I see the thing and I say ‘thus sayeth the Lord, I mean don’t joke. So she should go see a spiritual person.

“Someone will say Prophet Nigel says these prophecies for fame. If you don’t know me, what is fame? I have a TV station in 16 African countries that work 24/7 so what else do I need? Is it money?. I don’t have money but the little God has given me, it is more than okay for me. And how much does she even have? She should go and see a man of God to cover her and that’s all,” he said.

Few hours after his revelation went viral, the talented Ghanaian songstress has reacted—and it appears she is not frightened.

“I WILL NOT DIE ..,” Efya wrote on Twitter.

Source: Ghanavanguard.com

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