Teacher Kwadwo sacked
Teacher Kwadwo sacked by GES for alleged unprofessional conducts.

Embattled social media sensation and former employee of Ghana Education Service, Teacher Kwadwo, known in real life as Michael Owusu Afriyie, has vowed to do anything towards the betterment of his former employer, GES.

According to him, he has the service at heart so much, and would sacrifice anything just to make it a better institution to serve the Ghanaian teacher and student better.

“I have GHANA EDUCATION at heart and that is why I am sacrificing myself for it,” Teacher Kwadwo indicated in a facebook post.

He added: “Even if I lose everything in this world and Ghana Education becomes better, I will be the happiest person on earth, even in my grave.”

Teacher Kwadwo further cautions those making political capital out of his back and forth with GES, to stop as he believes their actions amount to indirect support for GES, which he often accuses of messing up the country’s educational system.

“Those trying to make this issue political, abeg u are not “DOING” me oo..you are “DOING” the Children of Ghana and Teachers who are under Ghana Education Service.😂

You are indirectly supporting GES rots and they will keep messing up the education sector,” he cautions.


Teacher Kwadwo was dismissed by GES for an alleged professional misconducts.

The teacher has long been an advocate for a better and competent Ghana Education Service.

He was in the past hauled before district and regional disciplinary committees of the Ghana Education Service, where he was given stern warnings about to his conducts on social media towards the service.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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