Senior Vice President and Policy Analyst with IMANI Ghana, Kofi Bentil says flooding in Ghana is simply as a result of lack of leadership in the country.

Kofi Bentil made the comments following Saturday’s severe floodings that hit almost every part of the capital, Accra.

In the dawn of Saturday, October 10, 2020, heavy rains set in and lasted for almost nine hours, causing flooding at many settlements in Ayawaso West Waguon constituency.

The most hit part was the Gbawe area where the Accra to Kasoa main road got flooded to the extent that saloon cars were almost submerged.

However, Kofi Bentil sees the problem not to be coming from residents but rather the absence of leadership.

According to him, there are engineering solutions whose implementation can bring an end to the yearly floods that hit the country. Money, he also said can be raised towards finding solutions to the problem.

“There’s an engineering solution to our flooding problem, and a finite sum of money which we can raise to solve the problem,” he wrote on his Facebook wall.

“What is left is leadership. We simply don’t have that,” he wrote.


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