A self acclaimed occult member, Emmanuel Frimpong has made claims that he is the Lucifer spoken about in the Christian Bible.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Ghbase TV, Lucifer,as he prefers to be called ,disclosed that he started speaking to spiritual entities when he was still a baby.

According to him, despite being born into a strong Pentecostal Family, he started manifesting his spiritual gifts and although his family didn’t understand him, he knew he was different at that young age.

Lucifer also stated that even all churches are occultic because they gather to worship an entity which is the actual meaning of occult.

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“The church of Pentecost, Roman Catholic are all occults because as long as they gather to meet to worship an entity, it can be linked to an act of occultism. My parents never understood me and when I started manifesting my powers. They will take me to church for prayers but it never worked because the power I had was a gift.” He reiterated.

Lucifer furthered that he is a ritual magician who invokes things to occur.

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He also revealed that most pastors in Ghana and abroad are fake and they come to him for powers.

“Most people are not Spirit filled so it is easy to manipulate them. Most pastors in Ghana are fake and they come to me for powers for members.”He stated.

He also added that it takes someone who is strong willed to become an occult member. Lucifer added that he is also a living god.

Source: GhBase.com

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