Maren Morris husband
Maren Morris husband

Maren Morris husband is also in the same profession as his wife. They both do country music and have number of hit songs to their credit.

Maren Morris, a country music superstar, has five (soon six) studio albums to his credit. He also has a collection music awards. Her third album, “Hero,” was her breakthrough album. It merged country and R&B into commercial success. Maren is a remarkable woman, and her husband is a great partner. 

Who is Maren Morris’ husband, Ryan Hurd?

Maren Morris husband is Ryan Hurd. According to US Weekly, Maren and Ryan met in a way that could be described as country music. Ryan, who is 35 years old, is a country music writer and has written singles for the likes of Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and Tim McGraw. He and Maren were working on the song “Last Turn Home” in 2013, when sparks began to fly.

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Maren shared with US Weekly that Ryan has been a creative partner in her life since childhood. That’s how they met. “We were paired together six years ago to write a song. We didn’t know each other and it just kind of grew from there. So music has always been really intertwined in our love for each other. And now that we aren’t just songwriters, we’re artists,” she stated.

Ryan and Maren first started as friends and after two years, their relationship became romantic. Ryan documents their love in his song “Love in a Bar.”

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Does Maren Morris have a child?

Yes, Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd have a son who is called Hayes Andrew. He was born in 2022. The couple are first-time parents.

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