Dela Kofi Slams Prof. Ahwoi

Nation Democratic Congress (NDC) activist, Dela Coffie slams former Minister for Local Government and Rural Development in the Rawlings administration, Prof. Kwabena Ahwoi for peddling falsehood against former President Rawlings.

Prof. Ahwoi who is on currently promoting his yet to be released book titled “Working with Rawlings” revealed to Bernard Avle on Citi TV’s Breakfast Show on Monday, July 27 that Former President Rawlings ahead of the 2008 general elections turned against the late Prof. Mills who was the NDC’s Presidential Candidate at the time.

However, Dela Coffie in a long open letter which was sighted by GhanaVanguard; shot down Prof. Ahwoi’s claims, referring to them as fairly tales and superficial claims.

According to Dela, former President Rawlings did not in any point in time turned against the late Prof. Mills. He added that it was Prof. Mills who turned against himself and not Rawlings as claimed by Prof. Ahwoi.

“President Rawlings never turned against Mills as you would have us believe. It was Mills who turned against himself, and squandered the sweeping mandate he skillfully won. And Rawlings couldn’t have asked you to undermine him. It is a palpable lie, and some of us just can’t sit by and watch you distort history all in an attempt to demonise former President Rawlings”, Dela stated in his open letter.


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