Member of Parliament for South Dayi Constituency of the Volta Region, Hon. Rockson Etse Dafeamekpor, has revealed that former Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Mike Aaron Ocquaye had military personnel as part of his security detail when he was Speaker of the 7th Parliament.

The former Speaker on Monday, January 17, 2022, issued a communique, refuting claims that he had soldiers as part of his security detail when he was serving as the Speaker.

This was after the current speaker, Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin, was accused by the majority Caucus of parliament, of being the only Speaker in the history of Ghana, to enjoy military protection.

But for Hon. Dafeamekpor, Prof. Ocquaye also had the military protection as Speaker.

According to him, the former Speaker was never having just three policemen as security guards as he seeks to suggest in his communique.

Speaking on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, edition of ‘Good Morning Ghana’ on Metro TV monitored by, the South Dayi MP said: “I know that his Convoy at the time was not made up of not less than four to five vehicles. I have encountered him at functions outside Parliament with military men coming out of his vehicles anytime he arrived, and policeman. These are things I saw with my ocular eyes.”

“It may not be things that were written by people, but I’m saying that when the speaker Michael Ocquay travel to perform State functions, he wasn’t going around with three policemen as he wants to suggest…”

“When I see soldiers coming out of your vehicle, when you arrived with five vehicles in the Convoy with a motorcade, and you get down, your aide-de-camp come to your assistance, soldiers get down with guns with all accoutrement around them, you perform your functions and you take off in your in your convoy; so I should say that those soldiers are not part of your security?,” he stated.


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