Man severely injured after what is meant to be a successful mop-up exercise turns to bloody at a voter registration center in Cape Coast.

This incident happened on Saturday, August 8 following the arrival of some military personnel who met with the registrants at the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly whiles registration was ongoing.

Some registrants at the venue said all was set for the registration officers to start their legitimate work abut lo and behold, armed military and police personnel emerged at the center. Some were holding canes, according to one registrant who witnessed the incident.

The victim who is only known as Mr. Kwasi Mensah said he was surrounded by eight military personnel who were forcing him to cross the road whiles a car was approaching. One among them stopped the car for him to cross the road and immediately the others came to beat him and the second-in-command knocked his[victim] head with his rifle leading to a deep cut on the head.

The victim however was later sent to the Kotokoraba Police Station for official police report and proceeded to a medical facility, Ewim Polyclinic for medical attention.

The wife of the victim, Efuwa Akyenba when at the hospital with her husband invoked curses on the military personnel for inflicting such assault on her husband.


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