Foster Abu Sakara
Dr. Foster Abu Sakara, CPP 2012 Presidential Candidate and Agricultural Economist.

Former Presidential Candidate on the ticket of the opposition Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP) and Agricultural Economist, Dr. Foster Abu Sakara has hailed President Akufo-Addo for the ‘Green Ghana Project’ which was first brought to live on Friday, June 11, 2021 across all the 275 constituencies in the country.

The initiative, according to the government is to see the planting of five million tress across the country. It is however, yet to be determined whether the five million target was actually met.

Many Ghanaians, including President Akufo-Addo’s opponent in the 2012 presidential elections, Dr. Sakara, held in high esteem the initiative which is placed under the auspices of the Samuel Abdulai Jinapor-led Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources.

According to Dr. Sakara, “planting trees is a commendable initiative that all Ghanaians must support.”

He suggested that the new trees planted, and other vegetations in the country must be protected from destruction by introducing measures and strict policies that should strictly be followed by all, including cattle owners and those that are into charcoal business.

“This positive initiative must be counterbalanced with actions that preserve trees and vegetation.

A strict policy of cattle corridors and controlled grazing must be followed to avoid damage to the trees planted as well as other vegetation. Bush fires must be checked at community level. Charcoal burners must be reigned in to stop their wanton destruction of trees.

On the whole the leadership is to be congratulated but urged to sustain this effort in the medium to long term.”, Dr. Sakara wrote on his Facebook wall Saturday.


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