Senior lecturer and Political Scientist, Prof. Yaw Gyampo has given 70 percent score to his fellow academic and running mate to Former President Mahama; Prof. Jane for her speech delivery in her outdoring event which was held yesterday.

According to Prof. Gyampo, he would have scored Prof. Jane more if she had owned her speak by speaking extempore just as an accomplished academic would do without the help of a tele-prompter

Prof. Gyampo in assessing the Monday’ outdoring event noted few things which he talked about.

In a Facebook post which was sighted by, the renowned academic noted that Prof. Jane touched on few issues which may be solved with her help if her party, NDC wins the elections. He admitted that the issues indicated by Prof. Jane are elementary problems the country is facing.

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Prof. Gyampo further added that Prof. Jane endeared herself to her listeners and people who watched the live event on TV. He noted also that the way Prof. Jane endeared herself to her listeners makes it impossible for anyone to say he or she hates her.

However, Prof Gyampo indicated that John Mahama spoke too much; saying his long address at the event was not the best. This, according to Gyampo will enable people to compare his speech to that of his running mate’s speech which could lead to the exposure of contractions in the speeches. Something that opposition communicators can chance on to score political points.

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At the concluding part of his statement; Prof. Gyampo revealed that Prof. Jane as Mahama’s Vice Presidential candidate is the reason why the upcoming general elections will be very competitive.

Gyampo however noted that his colleague academics; Dr. Bawumia who is the Vice President of the country and Prof. Jane are incomparable citing their different personalities and unique attributes as reasons.




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