Putin's aide, Anatoly Chubais resigns
Anatoly Chubais

Due to his opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Anatoly Chubais, a long-standing and high-ranking aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin quit his position as Moscow’s climate envoy. He resigned without giving further details.

Anatoly Chubais had quit the country citing his opposition against Putin’s war on Ukraine. Two people familiar with the matter revealed this to Bloomberg on Wednesday, March 23.

Chubais is the highest ranking individual to publicly discredit Putin’s regime. Nearly all Russian officials and the state owned media establishments refrain from criticizing Putin, or his war in neighboring Ukraine.

Earlier, Arkady Dvorkovich who was a former top economic advisor to Dmitry Medvedev and his one-time deputy, resigned his position as chairman of the state-owned Skolkovo Foundation.

Putin’s war in Ukraine has drawn condemnation from people, including Russians, from all walks of life. In cities across Russia, citizens have been demonstrating against the regime. Hundreds of these demonstrators have however, been arrested.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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