A Gambia based Ghanaian Physics teacher and Head of the Science Department of Gambia Senior Secondary School, Mr. Frank Asamoah has passed away in the early hours of today, August 20.

The well respected and multiple award winning tutor according to GhanaVanguard.com sources was made Head of the Science Department of the Gambia Senior Secondary School few months after he started teaching in the school.

Mr. Frank was also a Chief Examiner with the regional examination body, WAEC till his sudden demise today.

A colleague teacher, Mr. Musa Ceesay described the late tutor as a humble, dedicated, kind and very helpful to students and colleague teachers who are all thrown into state of sadness.

Renowned journalist and former Press Officer at the Gambia Statehouse, Dijah Jawo who was a student of the late Mr. Asamoah described him as a great teacher and a mentor.

Jawo added that he will rate Mr. Asamoah as the best Physic teacher in the history of Gambia Senior Secondary School.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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