A well known Security Expert and Executive Director of Jatikey Center for Human Security and Peace Building, Mr. Saani Adib Jatikey has thrown some jabs at a person believed to be Citi TV/FM’s broadcast journalist, Umaru Sanda.

Last week, Umaru Sanda shared a video of himself being harassed by a group of officers of the Ghana Police who pulled him over at Kwame Nkrumah’s Circle for a random search.

The journalist reported the incident to the police and further petitioned the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr. James Oppong Boanuh over the incident which many ghanaians shared mixed feelings about.

However, many, including Mr. Jatikey saw nothing wrong with what the police did to the journalist. They are of the view that the ordeal Umaru Sanda went through is what many Ghanaians also go through on daily basis.

According to Jatikey who says he is himself a pressman, some journalists are “rude and all-knowing.”

In a Facebook post sighted by GhanaVanguard.com, Mr. Jatikey made it clear that Police Officers are generally nice to persons who treat them nice.

With this comment, the young security expert asserts that police officers can be rude to persons who treat them nicely not.

“I am a journalist myself…let’s be honest with ourselves, some of us are rude and all-knowing. Except for some few officers, they are generally nice people if you treat them nicely,” he wrote on Facebook.

Mr. Jatikey further continued by reminding Ghanaians including journalists that Police Officers are also human beings who deserve to be respected.

“Police Officers are humans and deserves some respect also,” he added.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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