The managing director of the Accra Digital Center, Kofi Ofosu Nkansah has asked the achimota board to put an end to the litigation as a second defeat stares them in the face.

According to Mr. Nkansah, the appeal at this point is of no importance as there is a high rate of the board losing the case for the second time.

Reiterating on his point, he said: “the appeal de3 they will get a second defeat P33. Manso hunu.” To wit, “the appeal is of no importance as a second defeat stares them in the face.”

He made the remarks yesterday on his Facebook wall after the achimota board announced its decision to appeal the ruling by the Human Right Division of the Accra High Court.

The court on Monday has directed the school to admit the two rastafarians saying their religious rights has been violated. The ruling was lauded by vast majority of Ghanaians.

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