A female journalist, Sainabou Chaw has been seriously assaulted by a taxi driver she tried to educate on the social distancing protocols of the World Health Organization (WHO).

This unfortunate incident happened today, July 17 in The Gambia.

According to the assaulted journalist, she was onboard a taxi which was overloaded, something that the journalist saw as a breech of the social distancing protocol.

However, the driver was demanding 10 Dalasi (GHS 1.10) per passenger instead of the usual 8 Dalasi (90 pesewas) despite the fact that he overloaded the car.

The journalist then refused to pay the 10 Dalasi (GHS 1.10) the driver was demanding because she saw no reasons why she should pay such an amount even though they were overloaded in the car.

The journalist’s action however got the taxi driver infuriated leading to the assault meted out to the young journalist. The journalist sustained a bruise on his face.

The journalist has however reported the case to the police but the police are yet to subscribe to the incident.

The driver in defense of his condemnable action turned to accuse the journalist of stealing his phone.

The journalist denied the accusation and described it as ridiculous.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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