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14 years old teenager fell and died at ICON Park, Orlando

Anger is growing, over death of 14 years old teenager who fell from a recently-opened drop tower at ICON park in Orlando, Florida.

The incident happened Thursday night when the teenager went to the amusement park to have some fun.

The boy was taken to a hospital, where he died from the injuries he sustained, the sheriff’s office said. However, details about what led to the fall were not immediately released by authorities.

The incident has angered a lot of people who have taken to microblogging platform, twitter, to share their frustrations.

Some called for the immediate closure of the ICON park while others too raised safety concerns.

A twitter user, Geo305, said; “Seen the full video of the Icon Park incident from last night. That is upsetting and malpractice. How does that ride not have a 3 point harness belt that locks into the piece? To top it off, a woman asking the ride attendant… why does this not have that buckle. Ridiculous.”

“I just watched the very beginning of that icon park video to see what happened before and its crazy because the girl is like “where is the buckle thing” and as the ride starts he tells the riders to check their seatbelts… they deserve to be shut down, that’s…”, said another twitter user, Smile Hoya.

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That icon park death is truly crazy you can clearly see his seat buckle was not down all the way. That is extremely sad,” tweeted another safety-concerned individual.

Kay, another twitter user, noted that this is the second time such incidents happened in the park. He however, calls for legal actions to be taken against the owners of the park as well as the shutting down of the amusement park.

This is now the second death at Icon Park. They need to be sued into oblivion and then shut down. Im so sad for this young man and his family man that’s terrifying,” he tweeted.

Below are some angry reactions to the ICON park incident.

Source: GhanaVanguard.com

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