Throwback Video Exposes Former President Rawlings’ Smoking Habit In The Past.


A throwback Video that is in possession of suggests that Former President Rawlings used to smoke during his hay days as Chairman of PNDC and Head of State of Ghana.

The video was shot during a running competition between the then Head of State, J.J. Rawlings and few of his officials at the Accra Sports Stadium more than three decades ago.

Rawlings who emerged the winner of the completion which even saw Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi collapsed; said in an interview on the pitch that he had to stop smoking so he could build his stamina.

The statement made by Rawlings in the video can make anyone convinced that the founder of the opposition NDC had been smoking even at the time he became Head of State.

However, currently, it is not known if Chairman Rawlings still smokes as in the past when he was much younger.

Watch the video;


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