Human Rights lawyer and media entrepreneur, Chris Vincent Agyapong has jabbed the Electoral Commission of Ghana for publishing “recklessly” every details of persons captured on the recently compiled voters’ register.

The Electoral Commission, on Saturday, November 21 published the voters’ register with image, age and voter ID number of each qualified voter online.

The publication according to the UK based Ghanaian lawyer is a gross breach of data protections laws. He added that the outcome of what the EC did could be abuse of data which is bound to happen in the near future.

“It baffles me that the EC of Ghana would publish the names, age and sex of the entire voting population in this careless manner, in a way that breaches every sensible data protection laws and open a floodgate of future abuse of data,” part of Chris’ long Facebook post reads.

Chris Vincent further stated that if the EC does not make public details of voters, it does not mean there is something that the commission is bent on hiding from the public but rather the protection of data and privacy of voters.

He further suggested that the EC could have created a database that will have details of every captured voter.

This database, according Chris will have an interface which will make it possible for anyone to query the database system for his or her details by inputting his or her name and date of birth.

“It’s not about whether you have something to hide or nothing, it’s about your data and privacy. The most valuable asset of our technological era is data.”

“Why didn’t they create a database where people will have to type their own names and date of birth correctly to retrieve their data? A simple search interface with all the data hidden behind would have suffice,” he stated.


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