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COVID vaccine booking in Melbourne

A sad news that hit the Victoria State Government yesterday, August 25, 2021, was the crushing of the website which is dedicated for the covid vaccination booking in Melbourne, Victoria. The website crushed, just hours after it was opened for the Victoria vaccine booking exercise.

The website crushed as a result of the huge traffic it received from people who are determined to get done with the Pfizer vaccine booking in Melbourne so that they can be vaccinated against the virus.

GhanaVanguard  however, listed few reasons as to why the Vic vaccine booking website crushed amidst traffic surge.

1). The website designers did not expect the huge traffic that was on the website, a reason why they could not design the website with the necessary capability of holding absolutely huge traffic of people doing the covid booking.

2). The people who created the website failed to use CDN (Content Delivery Network), which is critical in making sure the Victoria covid vaccine booking website continues to function properly in the present of huge website traffic.

3). The website developers and handlers may have failed to update the website’s software. If the website’s software were updated, the recently developed covid booking website would not have crushed after receiving traffic from people trying to secure a booking for a Pfizer shot.

Meanwhile, the Victoria State recorded an alarming 45 new cases, and reports has it that the Victoria state government is an inch closer to bringing in 350 oversees doctors and nurses to help in the fight against covid in Victoria

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