Three black men won the admirations of some white ladies after they knocked to coma a racist white man who was believed to be hurling racial words on the black men.

The whole incident happened on a train in a country yet to be identified.

In a video available to, the three black men who appeared to be calm were exiting the train when it stopped at a station. The racist young man then stood at the exit in a “ready-to-fight” mood.

However, the first black man exited and the second man during the course of exiting; donated a heavy punch to the face of the white young man before all three left the scene.

The white man slammed himself onto the ground following the attack and appeared irresponsive.

The action of the young black men moved ladies on the train into cheers.

One lady was heard in the video saying he [racist white man] deserves it whiles one other was also heard saying “well done” to the offended black men.

Watch the video below;


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